4 Week Shred

Online Group Challenge that is great for accountability among women over 40 looking to lose weight, have fun, learn about their bodies and feel great again.

  • Often wonder what exercises you should do when and how much? ANSWERED with an Exercise Manual PDF
  • Often wonder why you don't lose weight or you lose it and gain it right back? ANSWERED via learning about calorie counting and how to effectively lose weight and Keep it OFF
  • Often wonder what to cook to help you lose weight? ANSWERED with a weekly shared recipe that you will be encouraged to give a try. It will be an easy, quick, delish and healthy recipe.
  • Often wonder about weight training and how to do it correctly? ANSWERED via assigned exercises in the group and via PDF

What are you waiting for?

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Do you know as an in-person personal trainer I made $35 a half hour and $60 and hour to train my client's? Most clients came to see me a minimum of 2 times a week for half an hour.

So it cost most people anywhere from $240 a month up to $720 a month in training 3 times a week for an hour each session.

To join my group, today, you are going to be paying ONLY $79 for an Online Group Challenge called 4 Week Shred. That is less than my in person clients coming to see me just 2 times a week at 1/2 hr sessions which cost them $240 a month.

So this is a great deal and sure to jump start your weight loss ...

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