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23 years of experience

About Evey Wheeler

Are you finally ready to feel good again?

Are you ready to feel confident and sexy again?

YOU CAN lose 20, 30 or 60+lbs.
YOU CAN have energy and vitality again.

YOU CAN fit into that dress for that special occasion.


Hi, Evey here ...

If you're ready then so am I. Let's work together to get you the results you thought you couldn't get. Let's work together as a team and you will trim down, tone up and feel alive again.

A little about me: I am NCSF Certified PT and I have been helping women lose weight and feel great again since 1998.

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In the first photo above I was very overweight and I can still remember HOW UNCOMFORTABLE I was in my own body struggling to find something to wear that I could feel comfortable in.

Can you relate? Is this you today?

I was so, so uncomfortable in my own body that I decided to do something about it. I was going to take my body back again. I was going to get healthy and fit again. Darn it!

I was 37 years old had 2 young children at that time and I was determined to lose that weight and fit into my clothes again, without any muffin top please.

So I implemented a system that helped me get my body back. Get my energy and health back. I tweaked it and tailored it over time and yep, it worked.

I have done the same for many, many women over the years and I will do the same for you.

Are YOU ready to get started? Have you made the firm decision that enough is enough?

Then click on "4 Wks Drop 10 lbs"  or  12 Week "Bathing Suit Ready" tab up above, sign up and let's get started :)